20 February, 2009

Greek Sourdough Bread (Me Prozimi)

As I probably mentioned before, I love Greek bread. When we lived in UK, we used to consume less than 800 grammes of bread a week, and now we eat easily 1200 grammes per week. Not because our diet pattern changed, but we are eating extra bread, as it is so good (and it is bad for our weist line!).

I like horiatiko bread and it is my first choice, but I buy also me prozimi (με προζύμι) bread. It literaly means bread with yeast, but in practice it means sourdough bread. The fascination of 'me prozimi' bread is that it is so different from one bakery to another.

Yesterday I tried this bakery for the first time; it is in Passalimani area of Piraeus, Greece. Evidently it in business since 1929.

Normally, the Greek bakeries give you the bread in prastic bag, but this one wrapped the bread in a piece of paper. As the freshly baked bread need to 'breath', this is the correct way to handle the warm bread (yes, it was still warm).

It had an intriguing shape, as if it was twisted. The shape of the bottom suggests that the dough was pretty soft when it was put into the oven.

Section. It is light and airy. The crust is cruntchy and the slightly yellow-ish white part is soft and moist.

It was fine, but I prefer heavier texture and I would have liked more deapth in taste. It is quite a matter of personal taste, but I have eaten the ones I liked better.

My quest for perfect Greek bread continues...


CaliforniaKat said...

In the 11 years I've been here, I've never found a bread in Greece I like. Nothing comes close to real sourdough, although many will claim to have one that is. I may be partial, however. I'm used to the dense, chewy sourdough of San Francisco. Therefore, I make my own from an imported starter or go without.

mesogeia said...

Hello CaliforniaKat,

Although I have never eaten sourdough bread of San Francisco, I think I know what you mean. I have tried "me prozimi" from 5 or 6 shops in my neighbourhood, there is only one which does chewy and slightly sour bread that my Greek husband is not keen on, as he likes better softer bread. Other "me prozimi" bread are not much different from normal horiatiko zimoto. I will post a photo, next time I buy that "me prozimi" bread, which looks quite different.

mesogeia said...

Then I posted the photos here:

mesogeia said...

Sorry. I realised that the comment field does not generate the link. http://gatetogreece.blogspot.com/2009/03/greek-sourdough-bread-2.html

Anonymous said...

Haven't found a good bread in Greece? You must not have a tongue!