03 February, 2009

Mattress, finally

Yesterday our mattress arrived and we could finally use our bed after 2 weeks in this flat.

It was to arrive between 11 and 2, and it did arrive at 1 o'clock. Until now, all of the deliveries arrived on time (given that some were very short notice, like "we will be there in 30 min!") and I am not feeling the Mediterraneaness.

Cost of the mattress was slightly above 200euros, orthopedic SELECT type from Linea Strom, smaller double size (we bought a bed-frame slightly smaller than a normal double, as none of us is tall or wide). If we manage to use it for 10 years, it is like 20 euros a year, less than 2 euros a month, so we figured it is not so expensive. The cheaper ones start from about 100 euros (double) and you find it cheaper if you buy with a bed-frame, but, as the mattresses of inferior quality deteriorate quickly and, if we went for that, we were afraid to lose money having to buy a new one in several years. We once had a rather shabby mattress when we lived in a furnished flat in UK and Hubby got a back problem. Anyway, the more expensive mattresses we looked were like 400 or 500 euros; 200 euro ones are in the mid-range.

In the afternoon I went to Carrefour to buy some ham for Hubby's lunch. In Greece, the ham making tradition isn't strong (probably stronger in Northern Greece, but not in Athens or on islands) and the typical ham (jambon) is heavily processed, square shaped one, costing about 8 euros a kilo. I do not like it; it tastes too much of artificial and non-meat ingredients. No decent ham can cost less than 10 euros a kilo.

Shopping list: Carrefour
Pita for souvlaki (10) - 1.64euros
Loukanika - 2.45euros (it was on offer for 4euros a kilo)
Trachana (500g) - 2.40euros
Careffour Pistacchio (240g) - 1.63euros
Carrefour Jam - 1.39euros
Smoked turkey ham "Fountain" (200g) - 2.82euros
Carrefour passata of tomato 500g - 0.38 (on offer)

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