15 March, 2009

Greek Sourdough Bread 2

When I wrote about "Me prozimi" bread (sourdough bread) some time ago, California Cat commented that the Greek sourdough bread does not taste like as ones she used to have in San Francisco.

I agree with her. Sometimes I buy both "me prozimi" and normal horiatiko from the same bakery and they do not taste much different.

But in my neighbourhood there is one bakery that produce quite distinct sourdough bread.

Here it is. They say it is "1 kilo", but it weighs less than 1 kilo (it is so in any bakery; maybe it weighed 1 kilo before they baked it).

It is flatter than usual round bread.

The yellow colour suggests it is made with semolina flour. It smells slightly sour and sweet. The consistency is heavier, chewier, and less fluffy than normal horiatiko. Air holes are uneven and some are quite large.

This is similar to the sourdough I ate elsewhere in the past and I love it. However, my Greek husband prefers softer and less sour horiatiko or politelias (white) bread.

I want to recreate the sourdough bread at home; I will report when succeeded.

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Guest said...

I hope you figure out how to do it. I am trying to bake it for my Greek-Cypriot husband and keep getting it more sour than we remember from Cyprus.