30 September, 2010

Lena's Meat Pie @ Syntagma

Near Syntagma Square, there is a shop that looks like delicatessen called "Lena'" and I went in there for the first time the other day.

There is a small seating space, but it is so small that I won't even call it a cafe. It is rather a delicatessen with seating space. They sell cooled food as well as some grocery.

I did not have enough time to look around closely. I just bought a piece of pie and took off.

Here is a meat pie I thing was called kimadopita.

It cost €3.80. It might look expensive, but considering the size and quality, not really. If I ate the same pie in taverna, it would cost the same or more.

Obviously I did not eat in one go.

It contained small bits of meat (rather than minced meat), onion, cheeses and a lot of coriander.

If the shop is open until evening, I would buy some for dinner. Unfortunately, however, the business seems to close in later afternoon or early evening.

27 September, 2010

Another Pizza in Glyfada

Another new entry:

Pizzeria Vincenzo in Glyfada

Vincenzo Pizza

I am not a pizza person, so I got spaghetti which was quite good, if a bit too salty.

26 September, 2010

Kandavlos @ Gazi

New Review


Kandavlos Psitopoleio in Gkazi.

Today we went to Biftekaaatsi (yes, there are three 'a's) in Glyfada. It is a Cretan restaurant, but as it is in Biftekoupoli, it serves Biftekia.

The food was good, but not memorably good. Price is relatively cheap. Will write a more detailed review.

Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 12, Γλυφάδα
Τηλ. 210-8944 880

And a branch in Holargos

Περικλέους 39, Χολαργός
Τηλ. 210-6560 680

And for the first time, I saw Sushi Bar in the same street open. Till now, every time I went to Konstantinooupoleos, it was always closed and empty. Is it a good news? Maybe. But I am not going.

24 September, 2010

Fasoli @ Syntagma

I added a page about Fasoli Restaurant near Syntagma.


Food was different and affordable. If you have never been there, please do try it.

18 September, 2010

Pannacotta @ Odos Milioni, Kolonaki

I went to Milioni street in Kolonaki for the first time.

It is a small, narrow pedestrian street lined with cafeterias and restaurants. It is a bit similar to Valaoritou, but it is narrower, darker and cozier.

The well known Italian restaurant/cafeteria Pritanion is in this street.

We entered in an Italian cafe situated in front of Pritanion. I cannot remember the name. In my memory, it seems to be combination of a number and an Italian word like "tazze", but it is too hazy.

I ordered a pannacotta with strawberry sauce and it turned up to be in this shape.

In Greece, people don't care too much about presentation and it is rare to see something unique as this one. A small but dense hand-made pannacotta was served on a boat of slightly sweet pie. I could see that it was prepared with care.

Maybe this is the Kolonaki chic.

I would like to revisit to try some food next time.

12 September, 2010

Sao Tao @ Glyfada

New upload on Gate to Greece website:

Sao Tao Chinese restaurant in Glyfada.

SAO TAO, Glyfada

The food was just OK for me (although was above average by Greek standard), but was a pleasant place to eat.

11 September, 2010

Rakadiko in Summer

Old story.

We visited Rakadiko for the 3rd time in July 2010.

For this place, see RAKADIKO in Gate to Greece.

We ate: Fried Potatoes "Rakadiko".

I never liked this dish. But it was for Hubby, so it does not matter.


I would like Dakos to be more salad-ey. This was only dried bread, cheese and bit of chopped tomato. But, to be honest, I don't know how Dakos should be and I don't have right to comment on it, except for my personal preference.

And Pork Souvlaki.

Not bad, not good; just average. I did not like the "sos" (yellow blob) with souvlaki. Addition of some veggie would be appreciated to make the dish look more appetising. I was disappointed in this dish.

Besides the food, the place looked a bit "off". Spoken to the women who looked like the owner (but not sure), we learnt that this place is half-closed during the summer and weekend music nights are also suspended.

Maybe the usual chefs were on leave as well. Now that I think, menu items were decreased in comparison to the other times.

We will be back to see how it is now.

10 September, 2010

Greek "Tost" & Greek Crepe

Snacking in Hydra Town. We ate these in one of the port side cafeterias. Don't remember the name.


The word come from "Toast" in English, but Greek "toast" (pronounced 'tost') is always a hot sandwich with cheese (and cheap ham) inside.

You think the combination of bread and cheese cannot go wrong, but you are underestimating the deadly combination of long-preserved bread and cheap sliced cheese and ham.

We had also Crepe with cheese, ham and tomato.

It looks terrible, but tasted actually quite good; it was a home-made pancake sort of goodness.

06 September, 2010

Sunset Restaurant @ Hydra

This is one of the restaurants where we ate in Hydra this August: Sunset Restaurant.

It is at one edge of Hydra town, just above Hydroneta. It is so called because there you can see beautiful sunset. But when we went, it was already dark and it was as it was in the photo.

Sunset Restaurant, Hydra

Even after the dark, there is a sea view, but the sea in the night is just dark and I don't think it is so beautiful.

It is a classy sort of place by Greek standard, and accordingly, the price is rather high. The service personnel isn't friendly or serviceable either.

The portion of bread is also stingy: this supposed to be for 2 people.

Lettuce, dill and spring onion salad (€ 5).

'Home Made' melizanosalata (€ 5.50).


I was disappointed in this one, as the aubergine did not have smokey flavour, but Hubby said he liked it.

Hubby's Pork Chop (€ 9.50).

The meat itself was just average, but the chips were terrible. They must have been under the heater for some time.

This one I think was called Tassia's Pan Fried Pie (€ 8.50).

It was from Mezedes section, but it turned out to be a huge pie. The crust, similar to Arabic paper bread, was crispy and nice, but I didn't like particularly the brend of cheeses.

With a bottle of water and a bottle of beer, the bill came to € 36.50. This is not an exorbitant sum, but I left disappointed because the quality of food was not up to the price tag.

In my personal opinion, this is not a place where I should come for food, but just for the view.


Please check out also my WHERE TO EAT IN HYDRA TOWN.

01 September, 2010

A Weekend in Hydra

We past this weekend in Hydra.


Unfortunately, I cannot go to vacation this summer. To compensate it somehow, we went to Hydra just for 2 nights/2days.

The Hydra town is lovely, but there is few things to see; two or three small museums and pretty much that is it. Beaches were mediocre by Greek islands' standard - mind that Greek islands' standard is very high -, but considering it takes 90 min from Piraeus port, we thought it is all right.

Down side is that it costs 50 euros to go and return from there and the hotels/rooms are pricy, if you find vecancy, especially during the weekends in summer.

We spent about 400 euros (i.e. 200 euros P/P) for this 2-day vacation. Not so good, not so bad. It was just all right.