11 July, 2015


Wow. It is already July. Can't believe it. I skipped one whole month of blogging!

There is not much change around me: always same job, same flat, same husband, same internet provider. I guess I am just passing more time in gym than before and have less interest in restaurants for some reason.

We still go out to eat. Yesterday, for example, we went to Safka in Kerameikos using a discount coupon.

Delicious and beautifully presented food, but I am afraid it does not worth the price if I have to pay in full.

Most of the customers were with coupon, but it might not mean anything considering that we are under capital control.

I have never thought to live to experience capital control in person. So let's say it is a good experience. Life is full of surprises.

Last Sunday, 61% of the Greeks refused to accept the third bailout programme suggested by the Lenders, saying "Big No", as were advised by the government and now 250 from 300 members of the Parliament endorsed the terms even worse than the people refused, as was proposed by the same government. What is even more intriguing is that the people do not seem much angered. The Big No turned out to be a Big Yes, in reality. Life is full of contradictions, too.