26 January, 2006

Captives Facade & Temple of Apollo(Corinth)


I still have many photo from Chios, but I decided to do some of Corinth where I went in 2003.
This is image of one of the statues from the Captives Facade, constructed in 160-170 to commemorate the victory of Lucius Verus on the Parthians. The young man represents an Eastern (presumably Parthian) captive.

The new pages are:

Temple of Apollo
Captives' Facade

Now that I see, the quality of the photos is not satisfactory. It is because they were shot with my old 2 mega pixel Canon Pixus. I need to return to Corinth to do the better job.

23 January, 2006

Anavatos and Food in Chios, and Piraeus

Finally I added some pages first time in this year.

First, 2 pages on Anavatos, Chios; famous medieval ghost-town.

Next, a page on food we had in Chios; we enjoyed it very much.

Last, a page on the area around the station of Piraeus (Pireas, or Piraias).
This is most interesting area of Piraias; there still remains the feel of old port town.

13 January, 2006


I have had difficulty in publishing photos in this blog. I don't think it was my fault because I did succeed once. Now I downloaded "Picasa", and enabled alternative method of uploading photos. This is a text version; melons in a market in Piraias.

Lysikrates Monument

Returned from Greece on 8 January.

Uploaded a page on the Lysikrates Monument in Plaka (Athens).