24 August, 2013

Papa George's @ Dafni

(Again, Blogspot does not let me show photos in larger format).

Yesterday (Friday night) we went to a cinema in Dafni (an area in Athens) and saw Elysium (I like the aesthetics, but the story line was too simple and lacks in attention to details). And after the film, we went to eat something at Papa George's in Dafini, very close to the Metro station Dafni.

It is an American style restaurant, similar to TGI Friday's and Hard Rock Cafe (of Greece), so this sign that reminds me of Brazil is a bit out of place.

The restaurant does not seem to have much space indoor, but many tables in the piazza (Plateia Kalogiron). It was quite pleasant being seated there as it wasn't that hot.

It offers a wide range of beers and other drinks. Evidently it has quite a business as bar and for this reason the drinks tend to be more expensive than at normal restaurants. For example, this Berlin beer for 400ml costs 5 Euro.

We have heard from a cousin who lives in the area that they do good burgers, but I would not eat that at 11 in the night, so constrained GH to order Fajitas to share. It is worth mentioning that many dishes are indicated to be shared between 2 or more. Fahitas are among these.

All these come as a set.

We could choose the meat from chicken, pork and sausage and we chose the chicken. The chicken was precooked one, like the one used for sandwich. There were much more peppers and onion than the meat and the sauce was quite hot due to chili.

Rice was mediocre, but was a nice accompaniment. The dips are sour cream and extra chili sauce, that go with the tortilla.

Tortillas are regular flour ones (i.e. not from maize).

About food, there is not much to write about, but at least enough for 2 of us as late evening meal.

At the end, we got a small shot of frozen daiquiri (so we were told, but I don't think it is a normal frozen daiquiri) on the house.

The total bill was 20.50 Euro, because we had only one small beer and picked up a cheaper choice, but normally, the bill should come 15 Euro and above per a head together with a small beer.

If you like TGI or Hard Rock Cafe, you might like this place, too. Anyway, I don't think going back there for food.

Papa George's
Plateia Kalogiron 1, Dafni, 17235
Dafni 172 35, Athens
Tel. 210 9714167

Πλατεία Καλογήρων 1 Δάφνη, 17235

22 August, 2013

Yperokeaneio @ Piraeus

One evening of July weekday, we stopped at Yperokeaneio about which I have heard good words from some.

From outside, it does not look anything special. Rather shabby, I must say. But It is attracting many people, even more than the nearby fish taverna Ilias.

The inside seating area is very small and most of the people prefer to seat outside, even though inside there was air-condition.

The menu contains many unusual items and quite different from standard menu of psarotaverna.

This is black eye beans salad with marinated fish. Nice.

Fried sardines with pickled onions. Well done.

Fried potatoes. All right. Keep on going.

Grilled cuttlefish with red pepper sauce. Interesting (but the smaller cuttlefish was a bit burnt)

At the end we had a free plate of watermelon.

Together with a bottle of beer, the bill came to 34 Euro. It is not cheap for a meal at a roadside taverna, but reasonable for this sort of creative cuisine.

We liked the food very much, but the fact that it was so busy (it was just a weekday evening and there was only a couple of empty table) possibly puts us off. We will see.

Marias Chatzikyriakou 48, Piraeus
Μαρίας Χατζηκυριακού 48, Πειραιάς
Tel. 210 4180030

21 August, 2013

Gazi Coming to Piraeus?

When I went to Public Cafe in Public of Piraeus...

(This is a view of Passalimani from Public Cafe)

I noticed that Gazi College is about to open just in front:

Right. It is not very clear from this photo, but if you look closely, it is written "Gazi College" on the fence of the construction site.

It is good news, because the shops facing this piazza are rather old and not very exciting.

Welcome, Gazi College!