11 October, 2015

Mikio @ Palaio Faliro

Again, it has been a while to write a post. The reason is still the same: too many sports activities.

Anyway, these are some pics from a Cretan mezedopoleio called Mikio (accent at the last 'o') on Agiou Alexandrou Street of Palaio Faliro. We decided to go there because it was highly rated by Foursquare users (Currently 8.2/10).

It was a warm Sunday evening of September. It was almost empty as we arrived, but it was just because it was early for dinner time and it filled up quickly.

The menu was relatively short and our choices were even more limited because they sold out many items during the lunch service. I noted that they do not serve slow-cooked dishes on the menu, which was disappointing.

First came were bread and marinated olives and peppers.

Feta baked with tomato and peppers. Feta tasted good, but nothing particular about cooking.

The salad would have been good, if it were not soaked in dressing.

I think it was Apaki, if I remember well. Served without any garnish.

We had also fried potatoes and beer. Potatoes were all right, if a bit burned with bitter aftertaste.

We had 4 dishes and the bill came to 28.10 Euro. Not expensive, but I would not say it is good value for money, as there was nothing stood out.

And strangely for a Cretan place, there was no freebie. Let alone dessert, not even a shot of raki.

Mikio is a sympathetic kafenio, which serves some mezedes, but I don't consider this as a restaurant/ taverna/ mezedopoleio. The kitchen is not to that standard. That was my impression.

Mikio - Μικιό
Agiou Alexandrou 58, Palaio Faliro, 17561
Αγίου Αλεξάνδρου 58, Παλαιό Φάληρο, 17561
Tel. 6946995740