25 October, 2006

Platani, Kos

Iskender Kebab 

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This weekend I added also a page on Platani of Kos island.
Platani : http://www.mesogeia.net/trip/kos/platani_en.html

Iskander Kebab in the photo was really yammy.

Potami, Koumeika, Balos, Marathokampos in Samos

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This weekend I added three pages about Samos island.

Potami : http://www.mesogeia.net/trip/samos/potami_en.html

Koumeika and Balos : http://www.mesogeia.net/trip/samos/koumeika_en.html

Marathokampos : http://www.mesogeia.net/trip/samos/marathokampos_en.html

16 October, 2006



Added 4 pages about the Asklepieion (Sanctuary of Asklepios) of Kos.


Huge sanctuary occupying three terrace of a hill. Telling you the truth there is not much left of the buildings, but the site has fa fabulous view of Kos and Turkish shore in front. Posted by Picasa