13 April, 2015

Tsi Tsi @ Glyfada

Today is the final day of the Easter holidays.

To tell you the truth, the Easter holidays are not my favorite holidays. ALERT: If you are very religious, do not read my following statement. As we have to fast and to go to church, I do not feel relaxed. We do not fast as seriously as we used to, but still, these 2 days (Wednesday and Friday of the Easter week) without oil are very difficult. Besides, the traditional Easter dinner after the midnight makes my biological rhythm go crazy. I do not feel all right through the Easter Sunday.

Anyway, it's done now.

The following dinner took place before the Easter week. We fasted the 1st and the last week of the Lenten period, but not the weeks in between.

One weekday evening we found ourselves in Glyfada and decided to eat before we go home. GH preferred to eat meat and we ended up in a modern souvlaki restaurant called Tsi Tsi. Looking at their website, I found out that there are 3 outlets in Athens, the other ones being in Agia Paraskevi and Kifisia. The Glyfada outlet is quite spacious.

When we were seated, a waiter brought us a bottled water and just opened it without asking if we wanted or not. The grilled pitas were also an obligatory order. If you order a main course, it usually comprises pitas anyway. I believe that the starter pitas should be optional, although we probably would have ordered it anyway. Pitas cost 1 Euro (not per a head, but per portion) and water was 1.50 Euro. The Amstel Pils was 4 Euro (I think there were cheaper beers).

Salad Tsi Tsi (7.90 Euro) consisted in lettuces, grilled vegetables, strips of cucumber, and katsiki cheese (the white mass that looks like yogurt in the photo). There was no ingredient that stood out and the elements did not really combine. I would say that it was rather average for 7.90 Euro.

As neither GH nor I do not eat a Greek-size portion of meat alone, we ordered 1 portion of chicken gyros and shared between us. There is not as much meat as it looks because there were pieces of pita under the meat.

The chicken tasted more natural than at other souvlaki shops; it was not so salty and without mysterious spices. If we cook gyros at home, probably we get something similar to this one. 7.90 Euro.

As it did not have fried potatos, GH ordered a portion separately (3 Euro). I snatched some slices and did not find them either particularly delicious or disappointing. In any case, I prefer fried potatoes in stick form and not in slices.

The restaurant gives a huge plate of sweets after the meal (for free, just to be clear) and probably this is the secret of their success.

GH enjoyed it very much, but I thought it was an over-kill after a souvlaki meal.

The total bill came to 25.30 Euro, which is an all-right sort of price.

It is not my favorite, but is fine for a light souvlaki meal.

Tsi Tsi - Τσι Τσι

Leoforos Angelou Metaxa 50
Glyfada, 16674, Greece
Αγγελου Μεταξα 50, Γλυφάδα 16674
Tel. 210-8985531