02 February, 2009

Unfamiliar pastas

While window-shopping, I found a Cretan grocery shop. In the show windows were these unfamiliar pastas.

This is Trachana (pasta made from semolina and milk).

This is another type of Trachana.

I asked Hubby what is the difference, but he could say only what we can see in the photos.

This also says "Kritikos Chotros" as the package of above trachana, but seems to be just cracked wheat.

Dry pasta called Kalogeriko (Monk style). Hubby says he has never seen this. 


Evidently it is a pasta particular to Crete.

This is the same sort of pasta made from integral flour.

I will report, if I have a chance to try (Hubby is very reluctant, so it won't be very soon).

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