29 November, 2005

Fortification of Chios and Karfas Beach

Over the weekend I added two new pages to the Chios section

1) The fortification of Chios (Byzantine- Crusader Period)


This time we did not really have time to investigate inside the old town (which is inside the fortification). There must remain some buildings of the Crusader era and some Ottoman monuments.

Karfas Beach

2) Karfas Beach


We asked at the Hotel where was the nearest beach from the town, and we were told this is it. Nothing exciting about it. It seemed to me a resort for wealthy European tourists.

And I added some hotel contacts to the Hotel page

27 November, 2005

Roman Agora, Athens


I translated all the pages of the Roman Agora in Athens into English, and improved the links to other pages.

+ Tower of the Winds
+ Unidentified Public Building and the East Propylon
+ Gate of Athena Archegetes (Western Propylon)
+ Byzantine Building Elements
+ Fetiye Mosque
+ Other Monuments
* Eastern Half of the R. Agora
* Shops
* Fountain House
* Statues of the Puglic Figures
* R. Agora Seen from the East
* Fountain
* Drainage
* Olive Press
* Public Toilet
* Statue of Lion
* Erased Inscription
* Part of Inscription

21 November, 2005

4 Pages of Chios Town

I added 4 new pages to the section of Chios Town, also known as Chora (as many other central towns of the Greek islands).

It was a marvellous island where we would love to return. When we will have a chance to go to Lesvos, we will definitely stop again at Chios and see the rest of it that we did not see.

Various Photos of the Chios Town

Mosque (now closed)

Archaeological Museum


13 November, 2005



I finished the section of Nikopolis.

I visited there with my husband 2 years and a half ago. It was one of the most baffling experiences that I had in Greece; many of the monuments were inaccessible, and there was no way of seeing famous mosaics. We could not even see the Victory Monument of Augustus (which is usually open, according to the local people).

Accordingly my photo archive is quite unsatisfactory.

If you plan to go there, phone them (the museum or the local tourist office) to check out what you can actually see there. You may be albe to find out particular days for the visitors!

05 November, 2005

Akropolis Archaeological Museum


I translated the section of the Acropolis archaeological museum. Some English words are still faulty, I guess, and I will correct them in these days; however you can start to enjoy the photos. ;)

03 November, 2005


3 November 2005

The English section of Erechtheion (on the Athenian Acropolis) was added. This section existed only in Japanese before, and on this occation I added some new pages and new photos.

I put here only the entrance page, but there are 5 other pages under this page.