17 February, 2009

Pan-fried Tsipoura

Bought two tsipoures (sing. τσιπούρα- plur. τσιπούρες)from the laiki agora in front of our flat.

It was about the closing hour and the prices of fresh products were being lowered. I could not miss the opportunity.


The fish looked similar to sea bream that I used to see in UK, but the quick internet search took me to this and this websites giving the English translation into dorado and gilthead bream respectively.

These were fairly large (compare with the tea spoon in the photo) and two of them weighed 900 grammes in total, but there were also smaller and thus cheaper ones.

The price was fairly competitive, but they did not clean the fish (which did not bother me, but some might be put off); if you want have the fish cleaned, maybe you'd better go to fishmonger.

My plan was to wrap them in aluminium foil and steam-bake in oven, but in the evening my brother-in-law with his wife visited us for coffees at 8 o'clock and left at 9:45, I could not bother to spend much time in cooking (I knew that we could not eat at home the day after).

What I did was to remove the guts and scales, to season and to pan-fry them.

I cooked them for 15 min, but as the fish were so fresh, it should have been shorter. We ate them lemon and olive oil and they were so delicious, much more than the sea bream we used to eat in UK.

I cannot wait trying other types of fish.

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