28 February, 2009

Octopus, Shellfish and Pickles

Some photos from Piraeus Market this week.

The coming Monday is Shrove Monday (Katharideftera) and the Market has been very busy with the people looking for the nistissimo (=lenten) foodstuff.

For example, octopus.

It is allowed to eat octopus, squid and cuttle fish, but octopus is the most popular. Those are defrozen octopuses from Morocco. In the past, the octopuses were easily fished in the Aegean, but due to the overfishing the locally fished octopuses are rarity.

It is allowed to eat shellfish as well. The mussles are the cheapest at less than 5euros a kilo (they are still much more expensive than in UK where I sued to buy a kilo for 2.20 pounds). Then come the Gyaristes (the ones at the middle) for about 10 euros a kilo and then kidonia (at the left end) for 11 to 12 euros a kilo. These prices were then increased by 10-20% at the weenend due to the higher demand.

The Greeks eat more pickles (toursi) during the lenten period; small cucumbers, cabbage, green tomatoes, beets toursi etc.

I like sour pickles, but not the over-salted Greek toursi and Hubby does not eat either of the types at all.

And I need to buy talama for talamosalata. Here in Greece, people still make their own talamosalata from talama and stale bread. I have never done it, but will give it a go.

Kali Sarakosti!

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