22 October, 2005

20 October, 2005

Archaeological Museum of Aegina

19 October 2005

A new page about the Archaeological Museum of Aegina (or Aigina) was added.


This archaeological museum is the oldest in Greece being established during the war of Independence

19 October, 2005

Gate to Greece News

I translated some of the Japanese pages about Aegina in English.

Kolonna (Kolona) site near Aegina Town

Temple of Aphaia

10 October, 2005

07 October, 2005

Samos, Archaeological Museum, Hellenistic Gymnasium, Sanctuary of Artemis

new entries of 7 Oct 2005

Hellenistic Gymnasium, Roman Baths, and Christian Basilica near Pithagorio, Samos

Archaeological Museum of Samos, Vathy, Samos

Sanctuary of Artemis near Potokali, Samos

06 October, 2005

First Step

I have a web site called Gate to Greece.
Creating this site, I encountered a problem in notifying new entries. Different from the blog or diary, normal web site does not show necessarity which page is new and if there are new additions.
In this blog, I will record all updates to my site, and other notices, and even some other notes.