27 March, 2006

Lesser Propylaia of Eleusis and Italian Agora of Delos


This weekend I added an entry of the Lesser Propylaia to Eleusis section, and another of the Agora of the Italians to Delos section.

Agora of the Italians (or Competialists or Hermaists)

Lesser Propylaia

20 March, 2006



Four pages of various monuments in Eleusis were added.

Hiera Odos
Temple of Artemis
Sacred Well

Eleusis (Elefsina in modern Greek) is an extensive archaeological site near Athens. Regardless of its size and historical importance, it is not very popular to the tourists, probably because it lacks in any major monument, I mean, for example, there is no still standing temple there. And the place is not really attrative; Elefsina is now an industrial area of Athens, and there is scarsely anything recommendable (well, except this site).
Even so, it is certainly a must site for the antiquity lovers.

16 March, 2006

Mykonos Archaeological Museum


A page on the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos was added.


This museum was built to house the finds from the island of Rheneia, uninhabited island in front of Delos. As the Athenians prohibited no one to be buried, more exactly to die, on Delos, the Delians had to be buried on Rheneia. So in the museum there are many grave monuments. This photo is one of them; the man evidently died in the sea.

10 March, 2006

Ag. Eleftherios and Panagia Gorgoepikoos Church in Athens

   Ag. Eleftherios and Panagia Gorgoepikoos church is a small Byzantine church, situated next to the Metropolitan cathedral of Athens. I added several new photos to the preexisting page.


Remarkable is the mixture of Classic and Early Byzantine spolia, inserted into this small middle Byzantine church. Everytime I go there, I cannot stop admiring its eccentric beauty.

09 March, 2006

Corinth Archaeological Museum


Uploaded a page on the Archaeological Museum of Corinth (Korinthos) with 10 photos.


This picture here is a marble head of Nero, obviously when he was very young. As it is from the Julian Basilica, it must be a part of the group of Julio-Claudian family statues.

06 March, 2006



I added new photos to the Mykonos Island top page and another page of the Mykonos town.



I did not have good memory about Mykonos, mainly because it was too cool for summer (it was beginnings of Septermber 2003), and we were constrained to stay a day more on the island because of strong wind.

We did not go to beach (it was really too cold), but heard that there were nice beaches reacheable by boat.

03 March, 2006

Holy Apostles Church in Athenian Agora


I added five new photos to the page on the Church of Holy Apostles in the Agora of Athens. Formally there were only two photos.


This is the oldest church (early 11th century) that remains in Athens which does not have early Christian basilica. Reason being that in the Early Christian period, the Athenian often reused the old temples as church, like Parthenon and Hephaisteion. The new churches were surely build, like the one in the Hadrian's Library, but any one of these is standing now.

Metamorphosis (Sotiros) Church in Athens


A page on the Metamorphosis Church in Upper Plaka was added.


This small Byzantine church, built between the end of the 11th and the early 12th century, is also called Sotir Church or Sotiros Church, in contrast to the other Metamorphosis Church (Kottakis Church) in Lower Plaka.