09 February, 2009

At a psarotaverna on Sunday

Yesterday, it was a very fine day and we went out to visit one of the psarotavernes (fish restaurants) near our flat.


Octopuses were under the Sun for sun-drying.

There are several fish restaurants near us, but being far from Mikrolimano area, they are not touristic and most of the patrons are Peiraiotes or Athenians.

We had fried kalamari, salad, bread, fried potatoes and this.

Shrimp Saganaki

King Prawn Saganaki.

These are fresh king prawns and feta cheese cooked in tomato sauce. In theory it should be baked in oven in iron pan with two handles called saganaki, but in this version, it wasn't.

It was delicious nevertheless and especially the tomato sauce was lovely with all the juice from prawns.

We felt as if we were in holiday on an island. Isn't it nice to have such a "resort" just a few minutes from home?

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