01 January, 2009

Greek Diary (Day 5 and 6)

Happy New Year to whoever happens to read this post!


Did not have time to write about the Day 5 (30th Dec.) and Day 6 (31st Dec.), so I will do quick round-up.

Day 5. I went to buy a mop, floor cleaner and a bucket for our new flat. I spent about 10 euros to buy some essential items and went there to clean.

Now the electricity is on.

On my way home, I checked the Laiki Agora (weekly market) near the flat.

We well have this one on Tuesdays and another one on Saturdays. Very good place to buy fresh and cheap vegetables.

Then had lunch with the in-laws. In this family, the normal lunch hour is about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I don't know if the other Greek families eat that late. Maybe not. The food was fried fish, boiled broccoli and boiled pale green zucchini. The vegetables were from laiki agora. The broccoli here are enormous, as large as my head!

In the afternoon, I met Hubby to go to Media Markt in Faliro to see cookers, washing machines and electric shavers. We had rendez-vous at Neo Faliro station and I had a chance to see Karaiskakis Studium, which is Olympiakos's home ground.

Red Christmas tree. Red is the team colour of Olympiakos.

The supporters of Olympiakos are nicknamed Gavroi (name of small fish). In front of the Karaiskakis Studium I found a taverna called Ta Gavrakia.

We got the tram to Media Markt.

Greek cookers have 3 types of hobs. The first type is gas hob, but most of the flats, including ours, in Peiraieus do not have gas.

The second type is iron hob. The right down small hob is to make Greek coffee.

This is another of iron hob variety, but without coffee hob.

The third one is ceramic hob.

This type is more expensive than iron ones, but look nicer and easy to clean. We want to buy this type for about 370 euro.

Hubby bought electoric shaver for Dud as a cummulative present with his brother.


Day 6. Today is the last day of the year.

Hubby went to work and I went for shopping.

First stop was Carrefour-Marinopoulos. I bought a bottle of Ursus requested by a brother-in-law who invited us to his house tonight. Ursus is a mixture of votka and myrte or something. It was about 10 euros. I bought also two bottles of Duck, toilet clearning liquid, two bottles for 2.80 Euro. It cost 80p in UK.

Then I headed toward the station to buy some stuff for toilet. I bought a toilet brush for 2 euros and 12 rolls of toilet paper for 2.50 euro. Again, a toilet brush I can buy in UK for 1 pound and 12 rolls for 1.2 pounds.

Then I went to the new flat with all these stuffs and cleaned the toilet, which was soiled by the wall painter.

Lunch at home. It was minestrone with white middle sized beans (like cannellini beans). Very nice.

Went out at 3 to meet Hubby who finished his work earlier than expected. We met to look for present for his mum. He found a cheese case for about 44 euros. We bought also a box of sweets for my brother-in-law's mother-in-law. 17 euros for 1.1kg from a shop called Venezia. I ate one later, which was very good. Will go back to buy some for myself.

Ah, we went also a small electoric appliances shop in Piraeus. Mother-in-Law recommends it as it sells things on installments without credit card. But we found out that they have rather limited range of stuff and the prices on installment are much higher than big shops. We will probably buy from big electoric shops.

Back home at 6. We ate something and slept a bit.

10 PM at brother-in-law's house. Big dinner. Came home at 2 AM. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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