30 December, 2008

Greek Diary (Day 4)

Today is Monday and Hubby went out to work.

Being an employee of an educational institution in UK, I am in a long vacation over the Christmas and New Year.

I passed all day writing blogs and websites, while waiting for the painter to finish painting the wall. I was told that he would have finished around lunch time, but in the end he did not finish it until 3 in the afternoon.

I was to meet the Hubby and a brother-in-law at Petralona in the evening. I was planning to take a walk in Athens before that, but after some fuss the plan was changed (happens very often in Greece, or maybe in this family; I don't know) and he was to come to pick up in Piraeus. This meant a still longer wait at home for me.

I did not go out until 7 in the evening. Then 5 of us went to Ikea, not far from Piraeus. Hubby and I went around to see beds and tables. We might be a bed from there. We should buy a table as well, but maybe later; with all my recent savings tied in GBP, I am reluctant to change money now.

I noticed the Greek Ikea offers a plate of English breaskfast for 1.40 euro.

I have heard it costs 1 pound in UK, meaning it was the same price in the last summer, but now it is cheaper in UK. UK used to be a very expensive country, but now everything looks bargain there.

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