04 January, 2009

Greek Diary (Day 10)

4 January 2009

It is Sunday.

We went to Agios Nikolaos Church in Piraeus. We arrived very late, at the end of the service and many people have already started to leave.

Agios Nikolaos in Piraeus

We married in this church 3 years ago. Also Hubby's parents and a brother got married here.

On our way home, we met this cat.

It looked she was waiting for the door to open, but at the same time she did not seem to be a house cat.

In Piraeus, I see so many miserable animals. It is sad. Only the dogs are super-protected. Even homeless dogs are left loose and some bark at me randomly. Very annoying.

Then we went to our new flat to install lamps that we had bought from Ikea.

It was a very nice day.

From our flat, we have a small view of the sea.

... although we cannot really say 'ocean view'. ha ha ha.

Hubby succeeded to install three lamps. Excellent.

On our way home, we saw this car.

Takahashi Kohmuten's car complete with address and phone number. It should be a used car from Japan.

Lunch at home, then nothing until now. We had an appointment with a friend for coffee, but it was cancelled. Here appointments are very casual and easily be cancelled.

Hubby is going out to meet a friend, but I opted out.

Tomorrow, Hubby goes to work and I will go back to the new flat to do some work.

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