04 January, 2009

Greek Diary (Day 9)

3 January 2009, Saturday.

Today we went out for shopping.

First, we went to make a bus travel card. 1 month subscription costs 15 euro, while a single ticket costs 1 euro from 1st of January 2009 (it used to be 80c till the end of 2008). Bus-Metro subscription is 35 euros. Although photography cost us 7 euro, it is still convenient to buy the subscription.

We looked around some furniture shops in Piraeus, then took metro to go to "120 Enomena Ergostasia" recommended by mum-in-law. The furniture there was really beautiful, but cost 5 times more than we wanted to pay.

There we met up with a brother-in-law, his wife and her friend. He took us again to IKEA where we bought 2 tables, 3 lamps, 2 pillows etc for about 400 euros. I felt depleted. We wanted to buy chairs as well, but the ones we wanted were sold out, so we gave up. IKEA charges us 12 euros to transport 1 item and 23 euros from 2-5 items. We should have bought more items, but we could not make wait the other people so long.

Oh, and in Ikea we ate lunch.

These are 15 Swedish Meatballs for 4.20 euros (there are choices of 10, 15 and 20 pieces) with our choice of sauce (3 types) and side (boiled potato, chips or rice).

Ikea Swedish Meatballs

Tuna salad for 2.50euros. Lots of tuna.

We bought also a bottle of water for 50c, but soft drinks are given free of charge. We shared the above plates and paid 7.20euros. Good value for money. In fact, the restaurant was packed and it seems some people come here only to eat.

We returned totally exhausted. Ate something and we are taking some rest now. Tomorrow we will go to new flat for some more cleaning.

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