31 January, 2009

Mediterranean Koulouraki @ Grigoris

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to the Piraeus station area to look for drawers and bookshelves. I found drawers I liked for 200 euros (I liked better the ones for 350euros, but what can we do?), but not the book shelves. We will go to Ikea to search for alternatives.

Hubby did a great work to arranges our stuff from UK and threw away lots of empty boxes. But now that we do not have clothes drawers or book shelves, some cardboard boxes are destined to remain.

By the way, while looking for furniture, we had a break at Grigoris. With cappuccino, Hubby had Kasseropita and I had this Mediterranean kouloura.

It was semi-hard biscuit-ey shell housing feta, tomato and green pepper (?) mix.

Even if slightly too salty, it was nice, filling and unique. I will have that again.

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