23 January, 2009

In search of furniture

The flat we rented in Piraeus is not furnished.

As we used to live in furnished flats in England, this means we have to buy all the furniture except for a sofa-bed that my in-laws will give us.

So far, we have bought a dining table and a sub-table that can be used as a computer desk and as an extention to the dining table. We bought these from Ikea, but the chairs in Ikea did not please us and the acceptable ones were out-of-stock.

We looked around other shops but we have not found anything we really like or even acceptable. I really do not want to buy chairs with white cloth/artificial leather that evidently is in mode in Greece. Hubby does not want to buy shaky ones. And we need to buy the chairs that match the colour of the tables. Our budge it is about less than 50euros a piece. On these conditions, we really could not find anything suitable.

But today, I went to some shops in Piraeus according to mum-in-law's suggestion. To my great joy, they have also workshops and we can choose the colour of wood and cloth. Some are shaky, but some are quite stable. Prices range from 30 to 45 euros. Nothing fancy or fashonable, but it is OK for us. I will be back with Hubby tomorrow to buy the ones we like.

Another problem was the bed. We had already one in mind, but we've just found out it is out of stock and no more manifactured. Again, Hubby does not want shaky ones and I don't like the ones of stern style. Also for this, I think to have found a solution. Let's see tomorrow.

Larger map

If you are looking for cheap, or rather, affordable furniture in Piraeus, try these shops: not necessarily the cheapest solution, but you get decent stuff for reasonable prices.


Today's shopping list

Cleaning cloth x 10 - 0.80euro
Body soap 750ml - 3.15euro
Palmolive shampoo (big bottle) - 1.65euro
Paper napkins x 2 packets - 0.70euro in total
Cotton sticks - 0.60euro

Kitchen wrapping film (?) 20m (Carrefour brand) - 0.40euro
Vinegar - 0.69euro
Mevgal milk 1 litre - 1.19euro
Tomato in paper packet (Carrefour brand) 500ml - 0.58euro
Carrefour lemon tea - 1.29euro
Salt 400g (Carrefour brand) - 0.30euro

(You maybe wondering why I record all these prices; it is because I am paranoiac about prices. I am quite good at remembering prices, but when I arrive at a new place, it is not easy to judge which is the good price and which is not and my paranoia accelerates. So, please do ignore me; these are just my notes).

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