06 January, 2009

Greek Diary (Day 12)

6 January 2009

Today is practically my last day in Greece. I will fly back to Birmingham tomorrow morning very early.

Today is day of Theophania, which is Greek national holiday.

Hubby and I went to see the service at Agia Triada Church in Piraeus. Archbishop of Athens was here as well.

Agia Triada

It was FULL.

After the service, there was a procession to the sea. A cross should be thrown into the sea and the young and strong dive in to collect it. But in Piraeus, it was not open to the public. We should have remained home to watch it on tv.

We got antidoro and agiasmos and went home.

Hubby then had headache and remained in bed until 2:30.

Meanwhile I brought some of my stuff to new flat.

At 3, our coumparos family invited us for lunch in a restaurant in Profitis Ilias. Good company, good food.

In the evening, I brought some more stuff to new flat.

Leave from home at 4 o'clock. Och.

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