04 January, 2009


Went to Monastiraki yesterday and found that the rennovation of the square has been finished.

There are two 'holes' from which we can admire antiquities of Athens. One is covered with glass as above and the other is open as below.

This is the view from the glass.

In front of Monastiraki station, there are three old grill restaurants. This is probably the most famous one: Thanassis (Θανάσης).


In front of Thanassis is Bairaktaris (Μπαΐρακτάρης). I read the menu in front. This place offers not only the grilled meat, but also other typical Greek dishes.

Next to Bairaktaris is Savvas (Σάββας).

All these places were very busy this Friday night.

Hubby went to buy one souvlaki from Thanassis. For take out, they have only biftekia (kebab) with pita for 1.80Euro.

Thanassis Kebab

Different from usual Greek pita roll (Hubby calls it souvlaki, but not everyone does) did not have fried potatoes, but he liked it.

We will be back to try again.

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