21 January, 2009


Arrived at Piraeus yesterday afternoon after traveling between 6:00 and 18:00. It was quite exhausting as you imagine.

Not much change since I left on 7th January; Hubby and his brother brought in some of our wedding presents (that we received 3 years ago) to the new flat, but not much else. I think it constitutes only one third of all the dora (gifts) we received. We are very grateful to those people who had gave these. It is a great relief that we don't have to buy any tableware and cutlery AT ALL.

Poor husband went to work and I went twice to our flat to bring some of our stuff that arrived from Birmingham with us. I will go to shop some small things and return there again.

Not much else. Ah, Father-in-Law very kindly went to the police office to inquire what I need to present to obtain adeia paramone (residence permit), as my Greek isn't good enough. Very few things actually. 3 photos, my passport, stay permit (which is a stamp on the passport), identity card (which is the passport in my case, as Japanese citizen do not have one), marriage certificate, and a proof of insurance. Only the last item is slightly difficult to obtain, as Hubby does not have yet his (with my name on) after 3 months of employment.

I hope everything goes well.


Today's shopping list

From Marinopoulos/Carrefour near the station
Misko spaghetti 4x500gr (+1 pack free) - 3.80euro
2L of Delta milk - 2.49euro
Nescafe classic 200g - 4.94euro
Tooth paste - 1.13euro
1kg sugar - 0.76euro

Brolias (Μπρολιας)
Dish washing sponges (5 pieces) - 0.40euro
Dish washing liquid (750ml) - 1.75euro
Body sponge - 0.60euro x 2
Rubbish bags (black) - 0.40euro
Rope to hung the clothes (20m) - 2euros
Hair jell - 1.50euro

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