01 January, 2009

Around Piraeus Station

In Piraeus station area, there are interesting shops and buildings. I think this is one of the oldest living quarter of modern Piraeus and neo-classic buildings are quite common.

This is one of them, but at the centre there is an even older building.

Check out the round building at the centre. It looks like a Byzantine church building, although I don't think it is that old. Hope to investigate it in future.

A shop selling Cypriot style pita.

The pita have an oval shape, while Greek pita has a round shape. It is similar in form to the pita bread we can buy in UK, but it looked fluffier. I will come back to buy some.

This is a shop selling cured meat and beans.

The brown things hung in front of the shop are dry sausages. Interesting.

And found a Cretan mezedopoleio.

It has an interesting range of Cretan dishes and has an attractive setting.

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