26 January, 2009

Fridge and Sofa-bed arrived

Today a fridge and a sofa-bed from In-law's house arrived!

We are so close to be able to move in. It is possible we go to sleep there. Let's see.

Then I went to do some extra shopping in Brolias. With the washing soap I got, I can finally wash our clothes.

Today's shopping list

Plastic mesh stuff to put in the sink - 1.50euro
Pinches - 0.90x 2 packs
Atrix Hand cleam 150+30 ml - 2.80euro
Drothy Mil liquid hand soap 1 litre (for refill) - 1.90euro
Skip washing soap more than 2kg - 3.20euro

Hellmann's Mayonnaise 250ml - 1.14euro
Lurpak soft butter - 2.86euro
Alpha beer 330ml - 0.65euro
Vergina beer 330ml - 0.62euro
Spin Span strawberry jam - 2.42euro
Delta milk 1 litre - 1.34euro
Koutalothiki - 3.33euro

The butter costs twice as much as in UK. Very expensive.

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