27 January, 2009

Shopping at Laiki market

Yesterday night we finally moved to the new flat, but we still lack in many essential stuff including food.

As today was a laiki (street market) day, I went for a shopping.

The first thing I looked for was curtains. But the cheaper ones are of a dubious taste and I need to consult Hubby before buying any (I know in many households, the wife can decide anything about household goods, but not in ours; he is rather particular and I want to avoid confrontation as I am the less fussy one).

So I bought some other miscellaneous stuff. Although we sent many household stuff from UK, I am afraid it takes more time than expected because of the road closures by demonstrating Greek farmers.

A sieve (1 euro). A must to cook spaghetti, rice and horta (boiled green veggie). As I have already some in transit, this will become onion and garlic bowl when our stuff arrive.

A grater (1 euro). This is another must to be able to grate cheese on spaghetti. I bought a vertical model, as I have already one flat type.

Coffee pan (1 euro). Our kettle is in transit as well, so I bought this to make some hot water for coffee/tea. The Greeks use this to make Greek coffee.

Plastic cup for 0.50euro. This is for powder soap for clothes washing. As I bought just powder yesterday, I needed something to scoop it up. I am sure I could have recycled something else, if I was in my old flat, but here I really have nothing.

A table cloth for 3 euro. Table clothes are also in transit. I thought 3 euros are ok for a small commodity.

I also bought vegetables: tomatoes, onions, garlics, horta, oranges, and a cucumber.

Then came the lunch time. I still don't have enough things to be able to make a meal and had to take out a spanakopita (spinach pie) from Gregoris. 1.70Euro.

Although I am a fan and supporter of small private business, I must admit that Gregoris (Greek fast food chain) makes better pies than many private bakeries.

And a coffee with the hot water I made with the coffee pan above.

This coffee cup and saucer is a Greek tableware maker Zoulovits' product. We got a whole coffee service set as a wedding gift.

After lunch, I went out again for some extra shopping in the market area. Unfortunately the market was already half-closed and I gave up buying meat and fish, but found barrel feta for 7euros/kilo and rice for 1.30-1.45euro/kilo. I tasted the barrel feta at the shop; it wasn't too salty and was quite smooth, not really crumbly. A thumb up.

These are casual photos of old buildings.

My shopping trip continued to Sklavenitis, because we didn't have essential olive oil and cheese for grating (Hubby does not live without these).

Shopping list from Sklavenitis:
Plastic food cases (set of 3) - 2euro
Cutting board - 3 euro
Olive oil 1 litre - 5.26 (-0.60 special offer) euro
Oregano - 0.44euro
Graviera cheese 350 grammes - 3.73 euro
Tomato sauce 370ml - 0.48 euro.

I feel I have done quite a lot, although I haven't really.

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