09 January, 2009

Travel from Athens to Birmingham with Swiss Air

Some snaps from my travel from Athens to Birmingham via Zurich.

The flight from Athens to Zurich was to depart at 6:40AM. I woke up at 3:00AM to get the bus at 3:40AM and arrived at the Venizelos Athens Airport at 4:40AM.

I felt very cold, then. After having checked in, I ran to Grigoris for breakfast. For those who do not know, Grigoris is a Greek fast food chain that sells pies, sandwiches and coffees. If you live in UK, you can think of Greggs with seats.

It is pretty ubiquitous in Athens and Piraeus (I don't know about elsewhere).

I bought one kasseropita (kasseri cheese pie) and one lukanikopita (sausage pie), both 1.80 euros.

I ate the cheese pie with a cup of coffee (2.20euro). I felt warm afterwards. The sausage pie was for lunch.

In the airport, I found this food court called Food Village. Here you can find Italian, Greek, Chinese etc food stalls. The main dishes are about 6 to 11 euros; not that bad for an airport restaurant. The Greek one offers even some regional dishes. Unfortunately, most of the stalls are open from lunch time and it was too early in the moring for me to see the food.

This is what I got in the Swiss flight from Athens to Zurich. A yoghurt and a sultana bun. As I was still full with the kasseropita, I ate the yoghurt only. (I took out the bun and ate it later; it was fine, but it would have been worse, if I had ate it fridge-cold in the airplane).

Zurich was covered with snow.

This was taken from the window of the airplane in Zurich, just before the departure to Birmingham.

In this flight again, I was assigned a seat in front of one of the emergency exits.

Wide legroom that I don't really need (I am only 1.53 cm tall).

I don't know why they keep on giving me the seat next to the emergency exit. First I thought it was a mistake (usually these seats are coveted by tall people with long legs). At the second time, I thought that they prefer people with short legs so that the exits are more accessible. But this time, I noticed all the other seats close to the exits were occupied by large-size men. Therefore, it remained to be a mystery.

The food I got in this flight was tuna sandwich. Very cold one.

Lots of E numbers as well.

To tell you the truth, however, I enjoyed the sandwich. It was because of my love for pickled cucumbers. They are so yummy.

Birmingham area was slightly covered with ice and looked very cold.

But, for some reason, I felt less cold when I was in Birmingham than I was in Athens this morning. Weird.
Arrived in Birmingham at 13:00PM. Home sweet home.

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