02 January, 2009

Greek Diary (Day 7)

January the 1st., 2009.

Happy New Year!

Although I am writing this a day after. ;-)

We woke up 10 o'clock. I know it is late, but we went to bed around 2:30 AM the day before.

After breakfast and internet surfing, Hubby and I went out to see the sun light. It was a really beautiful day.

Our first stop was nearby Agios Vasilios Church (St. Basil).

In Greek Orthodox tradition, the 1st of January is St. Basil's day. Usually there is a special service and a procession, but we arrived too late for that.

So, we just lighted some candles, kissed the ikons and had some antidoro.

Antidoro is a piece of bread we receive at the end of liturgy, but today, there were basketfulls of them in front of the doors.

I got two pieces.


Then, we walked Peiraiki bathing in the Sun.

A nice thing about Piraeus is that we can always be close to the sea and open space. You don't get this luxury in Athens.

We went to our new flat so that Hubby can check the painted wall.

Then, we checked another church near our new flat called Panagia "Rodon To Amaranton".

It was closed and in front of the door there was this basket full of bread.

Probably offerings from the neighbours.

We went back to home to wait for brother-in-law's family to arrive for lunch. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, father-in-law ran out of patience and called them to summon.

We started the lunch at 5 o'clock. Lots of good food, but much thrown away as well. This over-abundance of food is typical of the Greek feast that I cannot get used to. In my country, it is a sin to throw away food.

Then lots of phone calls for chronia polla.

I fell asleep at 10 in the evening. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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