24 January, 2009

Chairs and Bed

Today we finally bought chairs and a bed frame. Yupee!

This morning Hubby and I went to these three shops I wrote about yesterday. After some considerations, we choose a bed frame and chairs from one shop.

The bed frame arrived today, but the chairs we ordered them with the colours of paint and cloth we wanted and it will take some days for them to prepare.

This is the type of the chair we ordered but with different colour and cloth.

They look pretty decent for the price we paid and we are both very happy.

Then, we ordered a mattress. The shop where we bought the bed frame sells also mattresses, but the price was much higher than another shop we had got quote before and we ordered from this one. It will take up to 10 days.

Another thing we need to buy are curtains. A friend of ours advised us to buy from Laiki agora (open market) and we will try this option as it turned out to be quite expensive to buy from curtain shops (the cheapest option we've got was 36euros par one opening and we will need three of them).

Tomorrow we will finally assembly the tables from Ikea.

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