29 January, 2009

Chairs and Stuff from UK

Yesterday we received the chairs ordered last Saturday and our stuff sent from UK on 19th this month. All of a sudden, our small flat is full of things!

To tell the truth, we did not expect to received the stuff from UK so early, especially because of the road closures by Greek farmers. But yesterday at 9:30 in the morning, Hubby received a call on his mobile saying they were about to deliver the stuff in half an hour! He was at work, so I waited them at home. In less than one hour, they actually came and delivered all the 35 items we had trusted them in UK. Excellent! One of the guys knew English, so I asked him if they were affected by the road closure. He said that as the road closures affected principal roads, but, as they were driving a van, they could ran through secondary roads; if they had to come with a large truck, it would have taken one week more. I guess we were lucky. We paid 700 euros for this service, but it was in the end a good buy.

When Hubby called me to tell that the chairs would be delivered in one hour, I had just arrived at the central Piraeus for shopping. I called off my shopping plan and took the bus home immediately. It was a good idea, as they actually turned up in less than one hour. 6 chairs materialised. We did have sofa-bed, but life without chair in a Greek house was rather difficult.

On closer inspection, the chairs are not finely finished, but for the price we paid, we think they are more than acceptable.

Next things we need to buy are 1) Ironing table, 2) shelves and drawers, 3) curtains.


As all the kitchen stuff arrived, there was not excuse for me not to cook properly (yesterday, we just ate spaghetti with tomato sauce and some salad & horta).

Off to Sklavenitis again.

Shopping list
Mevgal proveio yoghurt - 1.06 euro
Sporelaio Niki Frying oil - 2.70 (-1.50 special offer) euro
Arakas green peas 1kg+450g - 3.60euro
No-salt butter Finessa - 2.22 euro
Frozen prawns 450g without water - 4.54euro
Dodoni Milk - 1.28euro (-0.30 special offer)
Fage Trikalino cheese 450g - 4.93euro
Passata tomato 500g - 0.48euro
Cubed tomato pack 370g - 0.48euro
Soft flour - 0.78euro

I cooked oven baked pasta with prawns and peas white sauce, grated trikalino and graviera cheese on top. I should have put more milk in the white sauce.

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