29 January, 2009

Greek "Glasé" Rice

It was a very nice day today.

This is a view of the sea near our flat.


Today I tried Greek rice called "Glase" type.

There is not doubt it is so called because of the shiny surface.

I bought this from a grocery shop near Piraeus station, for 1.30euro a kilo. It seems to be a popular type of rice, although I have never noticed it in supermarkets. The price is almost always the same in any shop of the area, but, as I observed, the quality of the rice varies from shop to shop.

The most difficult thing to cook a particular rice for the first type is the ratio of the water against the rice, as it is always different. This time, I used 350ml of water against 200g of rice, and soaked in the water for 2 hours (it was casually for 2 hours, because I went out for shopping meanwhile). I did not add any salt or oil/fat.

The result was quite satisfactory. It came out sticky and somehow al dente. I might add some more water, in case I want softer result. I ate it with the left-over tomato sauce and was lovely, but I would have prefered to eat it in a different way. It should be superb as pilaf; I will try that next time.

P.S. Hubby said this is a rice for gemista. OK. But I will still make pilaf.


Today I bought meat from a butcher for the first time in Greece. 4 pieces of loin on born for 5.40euro. I have to try it first to tell you if it was good buy or not.

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