02 May, 2009

Tyrokafteri with Greek Chili

I bought fresh chili from Laiki Market. These are the hot chilies most readily available in my Piraeus neighbourhood.

They are more expensive than sweet peppers and this time it cost 4 euros per a kilo (in the photo are 300 g. for 1.20 euro). In Greek, chili and pepper are the same word "piperia - piperies) and are differentiated by the addition of "glykes" (sweet) and "kafteres" (hot).

I bought these to make tyrokafteri. As we liked the tyrokafteri with fresh green peppers we ate at the Taverna Nikitas in Psyrri, I wanted to recreate it. It is extremely easy to make.

1) Chop chili very finely

2) Mash feta to the consistency of your liking

3) Mix chili and mashed feta adding Greek yogurt if you like

4) Eat it with bread or as a garnish of meat, pasta, vegetable dish (it actually works as an alternative of tzatziki)

Dried powder chili works as well, but if you use this type of fresh chili, the resulting dip taste more fresh, salad-ey. You can use food processor, of course; in this case the consistency will be more smooth.


Not being satisfied with the feta I bought from Sklavinitis, I tried one from a cheese shop near Piraeus Market.

This is a varrelisia feta (feta matured in barrel), price was like 8.30 euros per kilo. This one has a more matured and more sour flavour with a peppery stings on my tongue.

Nice cheese, but Hubby preferred the factory made more bland version. It is a shame.

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