08 May, 2009

Fresh Phyllo Pastry

For the first time I bought fresh phyllo pastry from pastry making shop in Piraeus.

You can tell them how many sheets you want, but I bought one ready-made packet which contains 6 sheets; I guess this is the standard number of phyllo sheets you need to make a pita.

He weighed the packed, as they sell by weight. It came to 1 euro for me, but the women who bought before me paid a bit more for the same size packet.

Phyllo Packet
They were like sheets of paper.

They were extremely thin, thinner than the ones I have already seen.

I collected some usable things from the fridge and made a pita.

They came really beautiful: crispy and fragrant to the degree that I have never seen before. I did not know the fyllo pastry can be so good. I will definitely make it again!

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