08 May, 2009

New Garlic

As well as new onions, Greeks have new garlics.

Onions and garlics are usually left to dry for some time to be more preservable. These fresh ones are not or are dried only little. They have less intense flavour than the dried ones, but sweeter and more flagrant. They live less long on the shelf, so I need to consume quickly.

In the area I live, I get 3 or 4 garlics for 1 euro. Sometimes they have leaves as well (or, the leaves can be sold separately as green).

Fresh garlic
It was the first time I buy the fresh garlic and I was pretty excited to open it up.

Here you are, the cloves!

As it is still fresh, it does not have the 'skin' that we remove before cooking. When I removed the outer layer and roots that still bear some mud, all the rest is edible.

I cooked it in Thai-style stir-fry and find it delicate and delicious. Today I will make tzatziki so that I can taste it raw. Cannot wait.


Pikacu Baggins said...

Hi Kayoko,

I have never seen fresh garlic in my entire life. You said they are less intense. Which one do you prefer to use with stir fry? Fresh or dried ones?

mesogeia said...

Hello Aida,

Sorry for the delayed answer; I have not seen your comment till now.

For stir-fry, definitely normal garlic, as the subtle flavour of fresh garlic becomes even more subtle when heated. The fresh one I think is better to be eaten fresh (raw), as it has garlic flavour, but not the heat.

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