03 May, 2009

New Entry: Folk Pottery Museum in Monastiraki

Added a page about the Folk Pottery Museum in Monastiraki Square.


Its official name seems to be "Greek Folk Art Museum 'Kyriazopoulos Pottery Collection'", but it is too long for me ^_^

Although the collection is beautiful and interesting, I am afraid for many people 2 euro entrance fee is rather too much (if you are eligible for reduction, it is 1 euro and I think it is the justifiable price for this sort of museum).

But the reason I paid 2 euros was because I have wanted to enter this mosque for a long time. The construction was interesting and I felt fulfilled.

When I visited here, there was a work going on in the Hadrian's Library site.

It looked that they were installing a now column to it. The crane was really huge and impressive.

By the way, today we were in Gkazi for late lunch. Raising my eyes from my tomato-cucumber salad, I saw someone familiar.

"Oh, he cannot be", I thought.

It was a friend of ours and ex-housemate of my bro-in-law from Italy! Well, he is a Cretan, but now he lives in Genova, so technically he IS from Italy. Even though he comes back to Greece from time to time, he goes home in Crete and not that we can see him in Athens easily. It has been like 5 years I have not seen him; it was a short visit to participate in his relative's wedding. What a coincidence! Hubby says it is small world, but I always say Greece is a small country.

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