12 May, 2009

Fig and Almond Sweets

Mom-in-law (MIL) made a fabulous dessert and gave some to us.

These are very small fig fruits stuffed with raw almond and cooked in sugar. MIL told me that she used to made these sweets when she was younger but recentlty she has not seen these figs for for years until that day.

She said these were bitter figs. I don't know if the bitter figs are different from sweet ones, or they were bitter because not yet mature.

They don't have much taste in themselves: sweet (because of sugar, but much less sweet than glyko tou koutaliou) and slightly bitter. The best thing about them is the aroma. I don't know how to describe it. It reminds me of pickled cherry leaves that Japaense people make, but it also has raw almond smell and it creates a really nice mixture.

You won't believe me until you taste it. Well, at least I wouldn't.

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