23 May, 2009

Cretan Products Fare @ Faliro

Last week, I with Hubby and Mom-in-Law went to the Cretan Products Fare entitled "Cretan Panorama" in Tae Kwon Do Studium in Faliro. It was held from 14 to 17 May 2009 and was open to public.

This is the Tae Kwon Do Studium which I suppose was constructed for the 2004 Athens Olympic. We later realised this is the back door and the main entrance was on the other side.

Inside. This is only the central part of the exposition space and there were also stalls all around on the upper floor. It was a pretty large expo by any standard, but there were not so many visitors when we went. although it was Saturday.

There were stalls of tourism, publications (books), and foods. This is one of the producers of frozen pies.

I tried a kaltsouni. It was a cheese cake made with sweetened mitzithra cheese and sweet bread like casing. Full of milky cheese and very good.

This is one of the cheese producers counter. Although there were many cheese for tasting, the representants were totally disinterested to talk to casual visitors like us; I guess they were looking for sellers and not consumers. Because of their disinterest, we could try as much as we liked. It was positive.

Strange red green tomatoes. I sampled one of these on another seller's counter. It had a strong taste of tomato vine, yes, that green, resin like taste. Very tasty, but the colour wasn't exactly appetising. (sorry!)

There were many paximadia sellers. Paximadia are hard, chanky rasks. The Cretans make dakos salad with them.

In the end, there was cooking demonstration. I guess there were also other shows like dancing, but when we were there, there was only one chef making marathopites.

I sample a piece. Marathopita is wilted maratho (fennel) in very thin pita like pie. It did not brow my mind, but not bad if eaten hot.

Watermelon carving of Crete island and a dolphin.

When I saw this, I thought "the Chinese make better ones". ha ha ha

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