30 April, 2009

Sunday in Thissio

This Sunday, we went to Thissio to see Sunday Flea Market. Thissio Flea Market is open 7 days a week, but Sundays, there are more sellers and stalls.

As always, we took 040 bus from Piraeus and arrived at Syntagma. Then we walked along Dionysios Areopagitos Street to Thissio.

It was the day the President of EU Commission Mr. Barrozo was to visit the new Acropolis Museum and there were men in black around.

New Acropolis Museum

Late last year, I heard that it was opening in January 2009, but it was now postponed to June.


These are the vendors.

Treasures (?)

At this point, Hubby started to complain. He does not like used stuff. He called "second-hand" even the antique items, so you guess how he reacted when he saw these.

And we needed to eat before going to a rendez-vous with Hubby's friends in Mikrolimano. We went to Psyrri and stopped at the Naxos Mezedopoleio (I wrote a page about it in the Gate to Greece).

Apart from burnt chips, it was rather fine. Brilliant were the cheese stuffed peppers in the photo above. If you'll be there, don't miss these babies out!

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