20 May, 2009

Gelateria Mattonella @ Monastiraki

This Sunday, went back to Gelateria Mattonella in Monastiraki Square.

I first tried this ice cream shop a few months ago (I had mango sorbet) and was pleasantly impressed. (You don't have to wonder why I had not gone back before; it is because I just don't eat so much ice cream).

Generally Greeks prefer creamy ice cream, but I am definitely for Italian gelato type ice cream and Mattonella is spot-on for me. This time I tried torrone flavour.

Torrone is Italian nougat with almond and/or other nuts. Abruzzo is particularly famous for this sweet.

The gelato contained crashed nougat and almond flavour. I thought it was a touch too sweet, but probably many find it better this way. One scoop costs 1.80 euro. I recommend you to get it in corn with 0.20 euro supplement (althernative is paper cup).

I definitely prefer Mattonella to Pagotomania. It is in Monastiraki Square, but on the other side of Ermou street.

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