25 May, 2009

Kazan Dipi

I bought a packet of Kazan Dipi (Κάζαν Ντιπί) from a shop near Syntagma Square, Athens.

They look like tiramisu, but they are not. The brown part that looks like cacao powder is caramel.

Kazan Dipi is Turkish sweet made from buffalo milk (now, more often from cow milk) and chicken breast, with some extra sugar to caramelise.

If you buy it from ordinary Greek sweet shops, it is often like pannacotta with caramel sauce, but it isn't the authentic version and tastes not as good as the real maccoy. It takes quite a long time and a lot of work to process chicken breast and it is not cheap sweet. These ones I bought cost €5.80, but it was worth the price.

Kazan Dipi
The texture of the pudding is heavenly. It is similar to pannacotta to a certain extent, but it is firmer and stickier. I enjoyed it to the full.

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