09 May, 2009

New Entry: Platon's Academy

I uploaded a page on the Academy of Plato in Athenian suburb.


Despite the notoriety of Plato and the Academy, this archaeological site is relatively unknown, and it is understandable to a certain degree. It is not in the central Athens and the remains are not spectacular in any sense. Besides, the site is badly neglected, although it is organised as an archaeological park.

We desisted to go close to one of the best preserved parts (or probably the best preserved part), because there were foreign workers drinking heavily (as you see in the photo above). One of them posed for me, but the others did not look happy that I was taking photographs (some might be illegal workers; who knows?).

Partly because we visited on a Sunday, Platon Street toward the park was quiet. We found this restaurant "Platonikos Erotas - Πλατωνικός Έρωτας (Platonic Love)", but it was closed down (there was a "for lease" sign in front).

Greeks sometimes paint their houses in nice colours.

This building isn't well taken care of, but it is nevertheless a nice presence in a generally grey Athenian suburb.

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