01 April, 2009

Recent Entries: Akrokorinthos

I added some pages on Akrokorinthos where we visited last summer.


Although we visited Akrokorinthos, we did not see either Temple of Aphrodite or Upper Fountain of Glauke. It was partly because it was so vast, but also because Hubby was getting a series of important phone calls and we could not move very much. It was a shame, but I am sure we will have a chance to return there in near future.

Nevertheless I could walk around the ruins of beautiful Crusader and Ottoman monuments. The unfortunate thing is that I have not found any information about them (as in the case of the Mosque above).

By the way, if you see these wasps in Akrokorinthos, be careful.

Corinthian Wasps
I got stung by one of these while walking around. I did not provoke it at all (the photo was taken a couple of hours before I was attacked). The sting was not very harmful, but you won't call it a pleasant experience.

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