09 April, 2009

Foreign groceries

Living in a foreign country often brings about a difficulty in obtaining groceries of your own country, or better, groceries that you have been used to.

I am not so much interested in Japanese groceries (so far as I know, there are Japanese grocery shops in Syntagma area and Halandri in Athens), but I live much better with Chinese, Indian, and East Asian food stuff. In the city where I used to live in UK, there wasn't so much of a problem, as there were so many Chinese (from China and from elsewhere) and 'Asians' (English term for Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi), I could get almost anything I wanted.

Here in Piraeus, there are many foreigners, but not so many Chinese or 'Asians' as in the town I used to live and I needed to do some search, and the other day, I found a shop that seems to be able to supply some of the groceries I wanted.

There were not so many Japanese items, but to my surprise, I found this.

This is Japanese Tempura flour. I have never bought it even in Japan, because I mix it by myself, but it was nice to see something familiar.

This shop has a bit of everything from every region of the world, and one of the featured areas was Middle and South America.

These are dried giant corn. A friend of mine who lives in Mexico told me that in Mexico this type of corn is used for soup. There were also other types corns, yellow, black and white.

But I bought less exotic things (at least for me).

Prawn flavoured noodles, rice flour noodles, Chinese white tea and tom yam soup stock. I will try other stuff when Sarakosti finishes.

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