25 April, 2009

New Entries: Tolo and Vari

I added two pages to the Gate to Greece.


ToloTolo is a town near Nafplio; we stayed there last year, because we could not find economy class accomodation in Nafplio. If you want to visit the area and have a car, but do not have to spend a fortune in accomodation, staying Tolo is a good option.


Vari is a small town in Attica famous for the concentration of many meat restaurants. As it is on the road from Athens Airport to Athens, I have passed there many times but never stopped there.

To be very honest with you, probably it is not worth going changing 3 buses as we did, but if you have a car and want to be somewhere different from central Athens, why not?


Frodo & Pikacu said...

Hi Kayoko,

Wow.. the ocean looks so amazing! Must be so good to just sit back with a book in one hand and enjoying the breeze and view :).

mesogeia said...

Hello Aida,

Greece has a lot of problems and shortcomings, but the nature and scenery are not part of them. ;)

Pikacu Baggins said...

Hi Kayoko,

Yea it's nature and scenery are just breathtaking!

What are the probs and shortcomings of it?

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