02 April, 2009

Prasopita and Kritsinia

The other day, I brought back these items from a neighbourhood bakery.

This is prasopita. There were only two nistissimo (suitable for Orthodox fasting) pies: spanakopita and prasopita. Praso means leek.


The leek (which should have been cooked before putting into the pie sheet, otherwise the pie would be too soggy) was sweet and creamy. It was 1.30 euro.

Inspired by it, I later made prasopsomo (leek bread) which also came out pretty good.

These are kritsinia with seeds.

Kritsini is a very good snack during the fasting period. It is slightly sweet but not as sweet as cookies. It can be eaten as savoury as well. Seedy ones are my favourite.

The batton form one and the pretzl form one are made from different flour and I liked better the pretzl one. Maybe because batton one was slightly burnt.

I paid 2.70 euros for about 300 grammes. I said "300 grammes", but it looked the shop girl put bit more than that, so the price is probably about 8 euros a kilo.

Although these nistissimo stuff are pretty good, after almost 5 weeks without meat, I started to miss animal protein. I miss also milk, cream, cheese etc, although we had these occasionally. It is now 2 weeks left. mmmm.

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