22 April, 2009

Easter Eggs

Some photos from the Pascha.

Greek Easter Bread, Tsoureki or Lampropsomo.

I bought this from a bakery in my neighbourhood. 700 gramme bread for 6 euros. Tasted not bad, but was too dry for my taste; I guess it tastes better, if I make bread pudding with it.

Mom-in-Law made her special Easter bread, instead.

I wondered what Κ.Π. means and asked Bro-in-Law who thought they were really Χ.Π. for Χρόνια Πολλά. Never Mind...

Red eggs for the egg cracking game. I won once, but lost on the other side.

The ones above were dyed by Mom-in-Law, but these below were sold painted.

They were beautiful, but not particularly appetizing.

Easter Sunday was a very fine day - sunny and warm. After the big Easter lunch, we went out for coffee with friends.

I had mint tea: glass pot and tea cup were beautiful in the sun.


CaliforniaKat said...

I buy a tsoureki from Terkenlis in Halandri, and you can choose from chestnut (my favorite) or hazelnut filling with white or regular chocolate glaze.

Even if you get it plain, it's very moist. Perhaps your Greek partner recognizes the name, in case you wish to try it. :)

The photo of the taxi sign is great. I've never seen one around. And yes, Vari is nice but along with the sea comes noise from traffic and pollution.

mesogeia said...

Hello Kat,

I don't think my husband recognises the name Terkenlis, but I do. ha ha ha. I have eaten their chesnut filled tsoureki, but I did not know that there is Terkenlis in Athens as well. Thank you for the tip!

My best tsoureki so far, however, is the one from a shop called Max Perry.

http://gatetogreece.blogspot.com/2009/03/tsoureki-cookies.htmlBut, if Halandri is convenient for you, this shop probably isn't, being in Drapetsona or another on Thevon road.

As we don't own car, we changed three buses to go to Vari and thought it did not worth that travel, although it was a nice experience. sigh. We will return, when we will have a car or someone brings us.

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