21 April, 2009

Pagotomania (Glyfada, Attiki)

Yesterday, Deftera tou Pascha, Hubby and I went for an excursion to Vari and Glyfada. In the morning, it was cloudy, but in the afternoon it got cleared up and there was a lot of sun and it was really warm.

In short, it was a perfect ice cream day.

Pagotomania (Παγωτομανία) is an expanding chain of ice cream shops and I have seen three of them, in Psyrri, Piraeus Port, and this one in Glyfada. I am sure that there are also in other places; you can check it out on their website http://www.pagotomania.gr/.

The Glyfada branch is in the town centre, in the middle of bifteki restaurants of Odos Konstantinoupoleos.

There are many tables in the half-open ground floor and there are tables in upstairs as well.

Regarding ice creams and sorbets, there were about 30 different flavours. You may either take away or eat in, with a small supplement for the table service.

After a meat feast in Vari, I did not have much space in the stomach and had only one scoop of pistachio ice cream with topping of whipped cream. At the table, 1 scoop of ice cream costs 1.90 euros and 2 scoops for 3.80 etc. It is cheaper for take-out, but I did not see how much. Whipped cream topping was 0.50 euro. Flappe was 3 euros. (All the prices here are correct at the moment of writing).

Pistachio ice cream

Pistachio ice cream is notoriously difficult flavour, but Pagotomania version had decent pistachio taste, slightly bitter and fragrant. It was very creamy. Although personally I prefer less creamy Italian gelato type ice cream, those who like creamy ice cream would like Pagotomania.

Whipped cream wasn't real bovine milk cream, but for 0.50 euro, it isn't even expected.

It wasn't my favourite type of ice cream, but I guess it is good for high fat content ice cream lovers.

Konstantinoupoleos 5

より大きな地図で Glyfada を表示

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